Bobs Gas Pumps

Who We Are and What We Do

Bob's Gas Pumps is the premier supplier of museum quality antique gas pumps. We serve the most discriminating of collectors and hobbyists. Our pumps are found in elite vintage gas pump collections the world over! We are experts in the field and can answer most any question you may have.

Our unparalleled expertise in restoration adds value to our classic gas pumps which appreciate in value quickly. Our pumps have fetched record sums at auctions in Canada and the United States. We are affiliated with the most well known entities in the automotive collectors market in North America and we have built a solid reputation for supplying the best pumps available.

If it's collectible, we have likely restored it over the years. We have refurbished gas pumps from the earliest gravity feed units right through to pumps from the 1970's. The oldest pump we have rescued was a 1912 Bowser curb hand crank. We have restored some of the rarest pumps available, many with only 2 or 3 examples known to exist in the world.

We have recently opened our own auction house, BK SuperAuction, to better serve our clients in the memorabilia and nostalgia markets. We will soon have our website storefront online to supply globes, nozzles, dial faces and many other pump accessories.In addition to gas pumps we offer many other restored collectibles such as lubsters, air meters, island lights, soda coolers and oil can racks. If it's related to old time service stations we likely either have it or can get it. We can also supply reproduction gas pumps.

Whether you are starting out or a seasoned collector we are ready to fulfill your needs.


Expert Restorations Since 1992
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