1944 Kenworth Truck:

In 1944 there were 217 units built by Kenworth, half of which were conventional, this is one of them. All but 5 were shipped to the Second World War; this is one of the 5 remaining in North America.

In 1970, Danny Jackson of Grant’s Pass, Oregon purchased this truck. He was an avid collector of older equipment and also a trucker; he cleaned and painted the truck.

The 3rd owner bought it in 1982, Tony Carnicello of Eagle Equipment and Supply in Grant’s Pass and ran coast to coast in the United States with it.

There was one more owner and then I, Brian Kurtz purchased teh truck in 1999 from Lyndon, Washington. Upon bringing it home, it was completely restored in 2000/2001 down to the frame. It is all totally original, has a 160HP Cummins engine, 4 and 3 overdrive transmission and even original kind of tires on truck as when purchased. Eeverything is at 100% on this truck.

This truck also has great documentation, it comes with:
  • the Operation and Maintenace Manual from Cummins
  • Service Manual from Kenworth
  • the Motor Truck Repair Manual that came with the truck
  • a copy of the build sheet
  • a copy of March 1983 American Trucker which this truck is featured in
  • the original receipt of all work completed on it